peepli live (music)

How do you feel when you are served chicken biryani for dinner and not the usual dal-chawal? Well, some like it usual and some (including me) love surprises. The music of Peepli Live is one such full of revelations. With names like Swanand Kirkire, Indian Ocean, Raghubir Yadav, Nageen Tanvir and Ram Sampath (most of which u haven’t ever heard of) am sure you will think, “What’s this?”

Discounting the remixes which I usually ignore the movie has four wonderful songs including chola mati ke ram, desh mera, mehngai dayain and zindagi se darte ho. Each one has a unique feel but equally mesmerizing. The Hindi is not the usual Khariboli and borrows heavily from local dialects spoken in and around Madhya Pradesh except one which has predominantly Urdu sprayed all over. I found it a bit difficult to understand the lyrics so had to read it once and was fascinated by such use of language.

chola mati ke ram – 4/5

With lyrics by Chhattisgarhi folk singer Gangaram Siwar (1930-1982) and music by Nageen Tanvir, this is perhaps the finest piece from the movie. It tells us about the fickle nature of death and the good things that need to be done in one’s life. The music is rustic and practical and the voice of Nageen equally stunning. Don’t miss it for anything. For people heavily addicted to popular music, read the lyrics once n let the song grown on you.

desh mera – 4/5

This one has lyrics by Sanjeev Sharma and Swanand Kirkire and music and vocals by the band Indian Ocean. It’s a peppy satire on the state-of-affairs in India albeit with subtlety. It’s not on-your-face but yet effective. The lyric is amazing and when you have Kirkire saab on board u expected magic nonetheless. The tunes catch fast on you and you are left spell-bound. A must listen for all and it probably might turn out to be popular with the masses.

mehngai dayain – 4/5

I had no idea in the world that Raghubir Yadav could sing and sing it so well. This is the peppiest of all the songs and as the name suggests hymns about how cruel inflation has become. The lyrics by Kirkire saab is magical yet again and fitting as a satire for the blindfolded government apathetic to the social divide. The music by Ram Sampath is worth all the praise. The choreography reminded me of Indian theatre (nautanki and tamasha) and how good it can be. Miss it at your own stake.

zindagi se darte ho – 3/5

Set to tune and sung by Indian Ocean with lyrics penned by Noon Meem Rashid the song is set on slow pace and high on lyrics and metaphor. When you realize that the song desh mera is also sung by Indian Ocean it goes on to prove how competent the band is. The words are poetic and mostly Urdu but for some reason I find it not as much compelling as the other three. If understood nicely the lyric is worth a million dollar itself.

I am not sure how many of you actually like folk songs but believe me they are like a hidden treasure (a silent reference of which is also made in the movie). Once you realize how attached to the soul of India it is and how meaningful and catchy they can be, there would be no looking back.

Give it a try because it’s just worth it.

Overall, in my opinion I give it EXCELLENT hands down.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anonymous on 15/08/2010 at 10:53 pm

    this i had never expected from you !!! now it seems i can expect more from you 🙂
    i think this is your first post on Review part
    whatever brilliant attempt dude..
    i also liked you profile title “Chasing the horizon”
    must say the inspirations are always best learner, motivate and help us to reach our horizon 🙂

    i have not listen the “Peepli” music ..not even once…
    after reading this , surely would do that 🙂



  2. Posted by vivek on 15/08/2010 at 10:57 pm

    hey! thats such a big compliment.. thanks
    yes! this is surely my first review yaar!
    do listen to the songs n temme if u agree by what i have written here..
    and thanks for liking the title of my blog! 🙂


  3. waaahhh… u rated each song separately 😀
    sahiiieee hai bhidu 😀
    lage raho 🙂
    i guess this is ur first music review naa…
    secret bataooo.. maintain this style in future also.. 😉
    create a style of ur own..
    tch tch.. m givin gyaan sar-e-aam..
    nonetheless dude i stick to my thoughts.. for me they’re not too impressive..
    Certified Missable in my language 😛
    heeheehehee 😀
    soweeee control nai huaa :p
    but u knw me… m muhfattt.. and thats wat makes me – mee 😛
    i want to see more music/movie reviews from u ok??


  4. Posted by vivek on 17/08/2010 at 9:25 pm

    thanks yaar!
    yes first review of any kind 😛
    i surely would maintain this style baby 🙂
    “givin gyaan sar-e-aam” and am taking it up!
    arrey bindaas bolne ka yaar, i like ppl who speak their heart, they are dumdaar ppl!
    yeah, i know u didnt like it, pasand apna apna 😛
    and i surely would write more! thanks yaar!


  5. Wow , I am gonna watch the movie very soon. very nicely done vivek


  6. @tiks: u should watch it, its a good time pass, though not very impactful, but good by indian standards!
    the songs were impressive!


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