the dark night

“Didi, I need to go and drink some water”

“Pratima! Why don’t you go alone? I am feeling sleepy. Don’t bother me.”

“No didi, please come with me. What if the lizard on the wall attacks me?”

“Don’t bother again. It’s just the verandah you have to go to. Go alone or wake up brother. You even need an escort till the refrigerator.”

“Didi! Didi! Wake up. Please come with me. I am very thirsty. Bhaiya! As if you don’t know. His record will break and he will beat me red and blue if I wake him up.”

“uff! Pratima, this is too much. I won’t sleep with you from tomorrow. Almost daily you spoil my sleep.”

Their elder cousin brother Amar was watching TV in the verandah.

“Oh! Amar bhaiya! You are still watching television. Wait! I will tell mom the first thing in morning.”

“For the sake of god Pratima, don’t behave like a kid.”

“Didi! Look behind. What is bhaiya doing with a knife? He was sound asleep when we came here.”

“Didi, move!”

Saying this Pratima moved her elder sister aside but her head banged on the corner of the verandah cot. Ravi had lashed at Poonam with a knife.

“Bhaiya! It’s you. How can you wake up? Are you mad or what? Where did you get the knife from? Wait, I will wake up mom. What kind of a joke is this?”

“Shut up you bitch or else this knife would go into your stomach and out of it.”

“Bhaiya! This is too much. Stop it! Go and sleep or I am waking up mom and dad. See didi is already hurt on her head because of your idiocy.”

“Arrey Ravi! Wait!”

Amar caught Ravi’s hand when he next tried to harm him with the knife and gave Ravi the tightest possible slap.

“You must seriously be crazy. Give me this knife and go to sleep. This is not the way to play fool with a knife in the middle of night. Be prepared to get a thrashing early morning from chacha.”

Ravi goes straight to his bed and falls asleep again

“Amar bhaiya, there is seriously some problem. I guess bhaiya must have been possessed by a ghost. He has never woken up before in the night. Not of an incidence that I know. This looks strange. We should wake up mom and dad and tell them everything.”

“Oh come on Pratima. Don’t act nuts like him! The sound of TV might have woken him up and not seeing you people around he must have played fool for which stay assured he will get a thrashing early morning.”

By this time Poonam had come from the washroom cleaning her wound and said, “Yes Amar bhaiya, she is mad for sure. She is after all watching a lot of nonsense these days. All that Aahat and Zee Horror Show. Absolute nonsense.”

Everyone retires to bed and it wasn’t long before the sun shone again on the eastern sky.

“Ravi! Get up.”

“Look at didi’s wound. What did you do last night? Is this the way to fool around? You even tried to hit Amar with a knife. Why? What’s the problem? Tell me. If this happens again you will get the thrashing of your lifetime am telling you.”

“Dad! What are you talking about? I didn’t even wake up. Everyone knows how sound I sleep. You tell me one instance in the last many years when I have woken up at night. I swear.  I don’t remember a thing. And why will I hit didi and Amar bhaiya. Am I that crazy?”

And true to his words, last night was the first night Ravi had woken up in the last many years. Everyone assumed he was lying and that the record has been broken but Ravi knew, deep down, that his record is still intact. He hadn’t woken up that night.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anumita on 24/09/2010 at 11:22 pm

    kya dost!!! tum se bachke rehna padhega..kya pata kab tapka daalo 😛

    shayad ye incident bhi mera suna hua lag raha hai..
    well..gr8 stratup with narration ..keep it up 🙂


  2. Posted by Anumita on 24/09/2010 at 11:23 pm

    kitna suna padha tha tera post bina comment ke 😛
    abhi lag raha hai complete post..


  3. Hi. Great blog and good to meet up in the blogosphere!! You have some serious talent as well as some striking ideas. Looking forward to more of this stuff. And glad to know that there are some other people who have been touched by the beauty of Meghalaya. Tc and keep up the great work.


  4. @anumita: yess.. it certainly was suna but i knew u would read for sure.. 🙂
    thanks yaar.. n yes, i had told u even this story..

    @arpit: thanks for dropping by frnd n for all the good words.. am sure whosoever goes to meghalay will have memories to last for life..


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