i defend till i die : john dayal

Sri Sri John Dayal Ji,

Hope you don’t mind me addressing you with the adage “Sri Sri” usually reserved for highly revered people in India of the likes of Mr Ravi Shankar but even if you mind I wouldn’t dither. I actually felt very sorry that “Sanghi trolls” are at your neck on twitter. Forgive them o savior of India’s national integration, for they know not what they do.

sri sri john dayal ji (secular)

I read your worthless article which you wrote in Outlook defending the sorry tales of sex and scandal in Indian churches which was unsurprisingly full of anti-Hindu clichés and I felt like puking but quickly realized Hinduism doesn’t allow knowingly puking on paper which we consider as an embodiment of goddess Saraswati. Besides, by now, I have gotten used to Outlook quite often carrying such apologies for their reports because it’s a cruel world out there and they have to sell copies even at the cost of ethical journalism. Kancha Ilaiah, Meera Kandaswamy and your highness belong to the ever increasing flock of sensational writers, full of crass and no substance.

I have been following you on twitter for quite a while now and I know your ingrained hatred towards Hinduism and a cursory glance at your tweets, articles and defenses says it all but you see despite all your nobility the world still fails to see the good work done by the likes of Mother Teresa and still harps on the duplicity of the church. I pity you. Despite a “secular” government at the centre how dare a one-penny magazine carry an article on the scandals of the churchdom with “the publicity photograph of a rather bad actress playing a nun?” Is Rajshri Ponnappa listening?

You begin your article saying “It is no consolation that the media also covers the sexual peccadilloes of Hindu savants including Shankaracharyas and even those who think of themselves as avatars of God” the latter of which you elaborate when you say that “Weekly and Blitz, now defunct, did cover stories on the late Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, accusing him of homosexuality” and then you go on crying how Outlook indulges in sensationalism and that “the damage has been done, and a mere apology alone won’t do.” Pardon my ignorance o noble one but exactly who apologized to whom and where? You lament the fact that the church is primarily indulged in spreading smiles and only a minority, who are only humans, indulge in corruption, manipulations, sodomy, libido, sex and all that clearly ignoring that Hinduism is also too vast a religion to be associated with just Sai Baba or Shankaracharya. And whether Sai Baba was a homosexual or fake shouldn’t be of anybody’s concern if they conveniently choose to ignore the schools and hospitals he ran just like your Christian demi-gods but that is precisely the problem with honorable citizens of India like you who think every Hindu who confronts you with uncomfortable questions on your arrogance and stupidity is a Sanghi troll and every piece of article that exposes the corruption in church is sensationalism when what you yourself, Mr Dayal, write is precisely that. Well, never mind! And yes, have you read the countless articles appearing in the western press itself that accuse Christ of being gay?

You further point out that the magazine expose comes at a time when the Indian right-wing (you couldn’t say all over again but you meant only the Hindus aggressively championing the cause of their faith as you do for your own and yes how can you exclude yourself from the definition when you yourself are a right-winger! huh!) and fundamentalist groups have been mounting a campaign against the Church. I mean what campaign against the church are you talking about? Rather than crying over it you should file a PIL and follow-up with the independent CBI. That would have been really helpful to contain the right wingers but oh! you can only rant in a magazine because you get space there provided by the powers that be. You don’t have evidence and where you have you would have an equal number, if not more of your own kind, equally involved so the backseat is obvious as also the chest-beating in “secular” newsmagazines.  You say, “A look at the Organiser and Panchajanya, official organs of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, is evidence of this.” Evidence of what? Is it a crime to expose the ambitions of the church spreading their faith in India, often illegally and coercively or by various other methodologies it is so well famous for? Your discomfort is visible when you say that many states are going for anti-conversion laws. Why are you so terribly bothered? If your sole purpose is the oh-so-good-work done by the church why do you care about your numbers and not the faith per se or is it that Christianity is the only religion that does good work? You cry about the hounding of the fatherdom but do your care to know how evangelists are a source of constant pain in areas where they are forcibly running their writ?

Your rants continue. “The denial of constitutional rights to Dalit Christians and the utter miscarriage of justice to the victims of the violence in Kandhamal in 2007 and 2008 are a case in point. It does not matter which political party rules, even the Congress governments are guilty. The BJP governments, of course, lead the pack.” Yawn! Blah! Blah! Blah! Let’s get it straight Mr Dayal it’s perfectly constitutional not to recognize Dalit Christians as SC or OBC because only Hindus have to bear the brunt and the infamy of being a divided house. If you preach that all men in your fold are one why do you cry about their rights which are actually reservation you are talking about? Precisely the same dilemma you share with your Muslim brotherhood. And please don’t even talk of Kandhamal. First go and enquire about the murder of Swami Lakshmananda about whom you would never mention. Isn’t it so easy to squarely put the blame on the administration and on Hindus for being minority tormentors without even once looking at your own deeds but oh! you people are secular and so you must be right even if you merely put figments of your imagination as facts. And yes, Dayali ji, you didn’t have to prove your well-known secular credentials by saying that all are guilty and that BJP leads the pack. You are no authority to tell us that.

You then gleefully say “We are not responding with references to Mother Teresa whose love for the poor puts her in the list of top 10 Indians after Mahatma Gandhi” but you just did put in that reference despite the fact that a guttersnipe polling can’t be put in for references and mother Teresa is an entirely different debate. Let’s not get in there for the time being because it’s not about her.

The rest of the article is full of church propaganda which you do best. I understand that you felt angry that Christianity was being sullied by such an article but why glee at the bad in other religions and put that as references and frown at the importance given to the ills in their own. You are a hypocrite of the worst order if you chose to defend your faith shoving all the bad under the carpet by bringing in bad from other religions. It just doesn’t serve the purpose. On the contrary it says a lot about your character and your ambitions. For others, a cursory glance of Dayal’s work is sufficient enough. I need not spend any more time on exposing evangelists who masquerade as secularists, a norm in our country and so far this continue such articles, meant for the sewer, will keep making guest appearances.


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