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maid and modi

my parents have been away at bangalore for almost a month now but these days i can pretty much take care of myself and even keep the whole home tidied up! though, for the days my younger sister was here she used to take good care of dad and me despite being busy with her training at salt lake! not to mention i idolize all my sisters – their avergae IQ notwithstanding ๐Ÿ˜›

in absence of mom, consequently i have been interacting with the lady who works at our home quite often (i do night regular so please don’t ask how come i stay at home when the maid comes) and got to know quite a few things from her! the person i am, i keep her updating with some of the happenings in india! and she shares the nityy-gritty of her own life with me!

few days back she told me that because she comes to work all decked up her neighbors taunt her saying, “ban than ke to aise rehti ho jaise office ja rahi ho” (your dress as if you are going to work in an office)! felt bad that we still have people with such dogmatic mentality! no work is to be looked upon as menial – even if it is cleaning the drain or toilet! leave that, i told her not to pay attention to such useless and ugly comments and that she should be always proud of the fact that she is a hard working individual earning her money and contributing towards the education of her only son – another thing that her son is more interested in cricket than studies!

the other day someone from “vatko punja seva samity” came knocking at my door for donation! i can donate to organizations i trust like greenpeace, RSS, RKM etc else i am always doubtful! nonetheless when he mentioned RKM and lal baba ashram (a famous ashram of a bandit turned spiritual guru at belur) i gave him some money! our maid asked me if i had donated and when i told i did she told me that had dad been around he wouldn’t have! i told her that dad is skeptical about people asking for charity much more than me! there are many organizations who on the name of charity are involved in various nefarious activities (religious conversions being primary)! i told her that i donate regularly per my capacity and did so even for the uttarakhand victims! she smiled and told me that couple of years back someone had come to her saying that if she converts to christianity her son would be given admission in don bosco, liluah! she had refused the offer saying she can’t do that! it was her personal decision! i told her when governance is bad such people doing business on the name of religion will definitely crop up to exploit the vulnerable and not everyone can stick to faith when stomachs and school-bags are empty!


then i came to hear of the mid-day meal tragedy at bihar’s mashrakh block, saran district that rocked the nation! i don’t know if it really rocked this indifferent nation united it is as such only by cricket! even the monumental tragedy at uttarakhand had failed to move many! nonetheless, after the serial blasts at bodh gaya this was surely more bad news for nitish kumar! the very next day naxalites killed some half-a-dozen policemen at aurangabad district! nitish kumar is a shrewd political and whether his skullduggery pays off will be seen later but his government was quick to dismiss the tragedy as political tragedy and tongues started wagging out! the reference was obviously to narendra modi! this nation of hypocrites who hide behind masks of intelligentsia, secularism and stature fail every test of sanity when it comes to narendra modi! leave it! papers next reported that the food was perhaps poisoned (accidentally or deliberately is not known) but the principal of the fateful school and her husband are active members of RJD, and incidentally lalu prasad yadav is the MP from saran (formerly chhapra)! the forensic report is awaited but a country where the prime investigating agency is a compromsied CBI i have become much like a doubting thomas! ๐Ÿ˜

when i told about the loss of so many innocent and precious lives to our maid she told her own stories of agony! her son is also enrolled in the bharatiya high school (liluah) where they provided mid-day meal till class 4 but the food used to be so bad that she never allowed her son to eat from there! she accused the anganwadi people of appropriating the stock and selling it in the open market and replacing it with the worst quality of grains which even beggars will refuse to take- all this for a few more money! human greed is unparalleled! her son is now in class 8! i asked her if they give books for free! she told me that they are supposed to but the principal charged rs 2000 from her the last and when she went to have a word with him he dismissed her saying he doesnโ€™t want to talk to her! her husband went next but came disappointed! i felt very helpless – being an educated person what am i doing for the society except writing notes here? can’t we form a citizen’s group and help such vulnerable sections of the society! but what can i do? i have office to attend and my own personal work! i am left with very little time at the end of the day! the roads in my area are more of man-holes but what have i been able to do – nothing! the auto-wallahs are operating as criminal gangs and what have i been able to do – nothing! i did tweet about it to derek o’brien but he cried helplessness! i feel alone! i need to do something!

and then we had a congress, their allies and spin masters in media so busy with their demonization of narendra modi! digivijaya singh came up with a blog detailing his pilgrimages, temple visits and all that and challenged if anyone from RSS was more hindu than him! i was like wtf is this man talking! agree that RSS is not an authority on hinduism or nationalism but neither is digvijaya singh! i dont believe in name calling but actions speak more than blogs! the hypocrisy of people like digivijay singh is what defines him not his pilgrimages and prayers! furthermore, people like him reinforce the false notion that hinduism is all about temples and idol-worshipping! not at all! faith is about goodness not anything else! prayers and all that are just one aspect and not the defining one! i have been visiting the RSS sakha for almost 6 months now and i have never known people discussing religion – it’s always nation building! it’s always about community building! but a nation that diets on stale and unchallenged tales of secularism an communalism deserves as much – digvijaya singh and his rants!

then there was a “furore” and “outrage” over modi’s “puppy analogy”, “hindu nationalist” and “burqa of secularism” remark! i failed to decipher where except in congress lobbies, partisan english media and the english newspapers (most if not all)! this has been happening for so long now that all this appears a big joke! i am admittedly a fan of narendra modi and this is for multiple reasons but he has got to be careful with some of the data he cites! despite the criminal demonization and discrimination for over a decade now which invloved the ruling government, NGOs, self-appointed guardians of communal harmony, et al he has the guts to come out and speak and amaze! he invokes optimism amidst such depressing times – he inspires me in more than one ways! the man surely has something (will write about it some day) that he has changed a person like me – from one who used to hate him while in college to one who admires him 5 years hence!

yesterday my cousin brother came and blocked my debit card! today i had to go to the bank for getting the PIN renewed! in the age of netbanking i felt like an alien going there! my parents are coming home in a few days and i am so excited! there is so much to do! adios!