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the turning point

Year: 2001

Event: Farewell school picnic before ICSE

I was this lonely guy sitting alone in the bus with only my mathematics teacher for company and a diary where I took notes. I had a few friends but nobody wanted to stay with me during the picnic. I was a terribly silent guy with thick glasses, shabby sense of clothing, bad personality and no pocket money. I was bad at humor and girls came to me only for the excellent notes I made. I was the class topper and who wouldn’t want a piece of me but everything ended there. I was the most peculiar person on earth. While every student was in a group, enjoying, eating and taking pictures I stood silently roaming around alone.

Year: 2003

Event: Higher Secondary

I was already on the verge of appearing for my ISC and a potential topper again but had started bunking school and went to far-away places on the pretext of various school competitions. I had made a few friends and stopped talking to the note-hungry girls who nonetheless looked more like buffaloes. I did a bit of talking but only when I considered important. My personality was still bad. Thick and ugly glasses had replaced the Gandhi glasses I wore earlier. I was not confident of myself and feared the world. I stayed confined with my books and newspaper and rarely went out. I read about the world and its people rather than actually exploring it but I could feel a change within. I met a wonderful person (Dinesh) the same year who is now one of the most important parts of my life and about whom I will need to write a book someday. Pages of blogs won’t do justice to the wonderful person that he is.

Year: 2004

Event: Visit to my native place after giving my last competitive exam, AIEEE

This was the first time I was out of home alone and was accompanied by a friend (Prem) from school who took tuitions from my dad and lived nearby. He said he had never imagined in his life that he would be friends with me, the class topper. I was amused and embarrassed. He took me to his home town where from I came back many a miles to my own native place all alone. I was gaining confidence. Prem was full of humor and good at socializing. I was slowly learning the tricks. He was a back-bencher and the teachers hated him and scolded me for being friends with him but now I cared the least.

Year: 2005

Event: Xavotsav, St. Xavier’s annual college fest

I was in the second year of my engineering from a government college where the most unfashionable and plain species resided and which did no good to my already sagging and sedentary lifestyle. I had a friend (Divyansh) from St Xavier’s who was perhaps the worst one can be in studies but a great teacher. He had invited Prem and me for the event and I went wearing an over-sized shirt and a brown pant. I had thick glasses hiding my eyes, an unshaved face, a torn and unpolished shoe and seeing the multitude of smart people around I bet this was the most uncomfortable I had felt in my life so far. I was awestruck looking at the gorgeous girls there. The loud music, the stage show by REMIX, a DJ night and a dinner at a posh restaurant had left me numb. I refused to dance, refused to drink, ate little, behaved unusual, talked to none of Divyansh’s friends, came home and promised myself never to go to such events ever again. A similar lifestyle continued. Years later, I became friends with one of the guys I had met there (Anthony) who talked only in the Queen’s language. I was always good in the language but that guy gave me the power to use it with ease and told me, “Do you even realize you are living a life you shouldn’t be?”

Year: 2006

Event: Durga puja at Maddox Square

I came to this place with a school friend (Vivek) who lived nearby but since he had gotten into a different college we were not in touch for almost three years. I was in my third year of college and he a year senior. I felt peculiar coming to that place as it was so much full of people. Vivek met some friends and a couple of good-looking girls. I behaved eccentric, was dressed as bad as one can be and had the slightest idea of how to bowl over a girl. That night while returning Vivek told me that he knows I was good in studies and wrote good English but the time was ripe I come out of my cocoon and face the world. I stayed quite but listen I did. Those words I remember like it happened only yesterday.

Year: 2007

Event: Navratri, Durga puja at Nicco Superbowl

I was in the final year of college and had gone for a DJ Dandiya night with a gang of friends. I was heavily drunk and danced uncontrollably. We had great fun that night and I stayed over at my friend’s place after reaching his house way past midnight. We had been having unlimited fun over the past few days. It was festival time and I was enjoying. Dressed smartly, with the confidence of the world I was a changed man. I did behave odd sometimes but my friends would spring up and take matters under control.

Year: 2009

Event: Project picnic at Mandarmani Beach

My friends had moved to different parts of the nation and I was working for a multinational for about a year now. Only a couple of years back I had thought that I would never be able to survive in a people’s industry but I did. The picnic was great fun. That night again, it was time for making merry with lots to drink, good music and good food. I danced like mad yet again, shivered in the chilling dark night but didn’t give a damn. I was living life which I didn’t earlier.

Year: 2010

The time is now. I have seen much in life and emerged out stronger and wiser from the person I was back then. My friends (Prem, Dinesh, Vivek, Divyansh, Anthony, and Amaresh) have been the greatest influence of my life besides my own parents. They have taught me just by being with me all this while. There is a different part of me which has struggled a good deal in life and that has made me strong but had it not been for my friends I wouldn’t have been this complete. I now make merry like hell, have opened up to the world, charm girls with ease, crack jokes and the dirtiest of them all, dress smartly, drink and eat almost anything but am still the demure guy who has an aspiration to reach the sky and who will never forget his roots. It was a slow but a sure process. I am a lot confident now and have moments to treasure for a lifetime.

How can I forget the countless adda sessions on the bank of river Hooghly, the umpteen long drives to far-away places, the minutes of differences and disagreements, the DJ nights, the eating out, the Durga puja, the lessons given by them which never looked like lessons at all, the time spent together and what not?

Change is inevitable they say and for me that was brought about by my friends. There are many such small instances and many people yet unreported owing to constraints but am thankful to all who changed my life.