tallest flagpoles of india

One can say a lower middle-income country like India should invest more in pulling out its teeming millions from poverty but not denying the importance of it, it’s also important to instill a sense of pride, unity and patriotism amongst the countrymen. It can count for little for many but the emblems of sovereignty have their own importance. I am not sure how proper comparison with the USA would be considering it’s a high-income country but nationalism and per capita GNI are two different things and can continue simultaneously in even differing worlds. The first time I saw a tall flagpole with the Indian tricolour was at Delhi’s Connaught Place in May, 2014 and it was a wonderful feeling. Ever since moving to the USA in June, 2014, seeing so many tall flagpoles with huge fluttering stars and stripes, I always thought why can’t we have the same back in India. Apparently, the trend of having tall flagpoles in India was started by Naveen Jindal. He is also the pioneer in initiating amendments – both constitutional and judicial, for enabling private citizens to display the Indian tricolor on all days besides Republic and Independence day. The Indian parliament approved it in 2002 and the Supreme Court of India followed in 2004. Thereof, Naveen Jindal’s Flag Foundation of India (FFI) has been instrumental in the construction of 12 flagpoles across the country each standing 207 ft tall. There are a few others which are taller and have been described below including a few of FFI.

1) Ranchi flagpole

Height = 293 ft

Flag dimensions = 99 ft x 66 ft (6534 sq ft)

Flag weight = 60 kg

Inauguration = 23rd January, 2016 by Manohar Parrikar


2) Hyderabad flagpole

Height = 291 ft

Flag dimensions = 108 ft x 72 ft (7776 sq ft)

Flag weight = 65 kg

Inauguration = 2nd June, 2016 by Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao


3) Raipur flagpole

Height = 269 ft

Flag dimensions = 105 ft x 70 ft (7350 sq ft)

Flag weight = N/A

Inauguration = 30th April, 2016 by Raman Singh


4) Faridabad flagpole

Height = 250 ft

Flag dimensions = 96 ft x 64 ft (6144 sq ft)

Flag weight = 48 kg

Inauguration = 3rd March, 2015 by Amit Shah, Manohar Lal Khattar and Ranbir Kapoor


5) Bhopal flagpole

Height = 235 ft or 228 ft

Flag dimensions = 90 ft x 60 ft (5400 sq ft)

Flag weight = N/A

Inauguration = 27th May, 2015 by Shivraj Singh Chouhan


6) Navi Mumbai flagpole

Height = 225 ft or 222 ft

Flag dimensions = N/A

Flag weight = N/A

Inauguration = 19th February, 2014 by Sharad Pawar

navi mumbai

7) Bangalore flagpole

Height =207 ft

Flag dimensions = 72 ft x 48 ft (3456 sq ft)

Flag weight = 31 kg

Inauguration = 23rd January, 2014 by Hansraj Bhardwaj



8) Delhi flagpole

Height = 207 ft

Flag dimensions = 90 ft x 60 ft (5400 sq ft)

Flag weight = 37 kg

Inauguration = 7th March, 2014 by Naveen Jindal


Kindly let me know in case one figures out any discrepancies.


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