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the sun, the life and i

hi friends,

i had written this one about a couple of months ago, it’s about the game i play with life and the game life plays back with me…

its a poem of love, life, hope, dreams and sorrow..

hope u all like it, am still new to poems though:P

the prayers were bright

the nights so dark

days were unhappy

and hopes so stark

i knew the sun would shine

sooner or later

it did after so much time

it happened that was better

the prayers were still there

and the nights so cool

the world was luxury

oh! i had become a fool

the sun had to set again

and quickly it did

life was murky without a rain

and anyhow i had to get rid

the sun never sets for eternity

people don’t stay fool for ever

i have learnt my lessons good

am not gonna forget that ever